CAPERS Clinch Bye with Victory Over Huskies

CAPERS Clinch Bye with Victory Over Huskies

Halifax - The game ended in defeat for the Huskies, who lost 3-1 to the Cape Breton Capers. But the

Huskies have done enough to clinch a playoff spot in next weekend's playoffs in Cape


The Capers got on the board early with a goal from Kairo Coore. A shot from the Capers

was saved by Jensen Brown (Enfield NS / Science), but he spilled a rebound at the feet of

Coore, who didn't waste the opportunity and scored his first of the night.

After the first goal, there wasn't much between the two teams for the next 30 minutes. But

With 10 minutes left in the half, the Capers started laying on the pressure, controlling and

recycling the ball in the Huskies offensive zone. That pressure ended up in a goal from

Caper's Daniel Williams who had the ball glued to his feet on an amazing run down the left

side before putting the ball in the net.

In the final minutes of the half, Coore managed to find a through ball and was in alone on

Brown but put the ball well over the net. The Capers ended the half with a few more corners

and shots on net.

The Huskies clawed one goal back in the second half with captain Alex Black (Halifax NS /

Commerce) getting on the end of a through ball and putting it in the Capers net in his final

home game as a Husky.

Caper Jose de Cunha picked up a yellow in the 71st minute, his second of the season, but

redeemed himself seven minutes later. In the 78th minute, Shepard passed the ball over the

top to de Cunha who scored the Capers' insurance goal.

In the 85th minute Husky's keeper, Brown was caught in no man's land after making a bold

tackle well outside of his 18-yard box. His clearance hit a Caper player, forcing Brown into a

reckless slide tackle to prevent a goal. Brown did make the save, but earned a yellow card

for his trouble.

AUS Subway Player of the Game was the Capers Daniel Williams.

The Capers are in action tomorrow against Dal.

The Huskies will be back in action next week as they head to Sydney for the AUS men's Soccer Championships hosted by Cape Breton University


Credit: Matt Stickland